Enrichment Coaching

Building confidence, character, and creativity from kindergarten through college

Leadership Skills

How to effectively motivate and lead others.

Study Habits

Streamlining effective study skills that provide desired results.


Communication Skills

Developing and strengthening communication in all areas including: Peer-to-Peer, Student-to-Teacher, and Child-to-Parent

Strength Of Character

Internalize family morals, develop a clear understanding of why they make the choices they do and begin process of considering and evaluating choices made.

About Jami Wagner

M.A. Ed, M.A. Dev Psy, M.A. Clin Psy

Jami Wagner combines fifteen years of classroom teaching experience with outside counseling experience in a wide spectrum of socio-economic settings. This unique set of experiences is further informed by three advanced degrees (M.A. Education, M.A. Developmental Psychology, M.A. Clinical Psychology with Marriage & Family Therapy focus) in fields directly relevant to her professional focus.

The resulting skill-set allows her a distinct insight into helping children, adolescents and adults navigate the many bumps in the road to reaching their full potential.

In the today’s changing world, being able to work effectively in group situations, communicate clearly, and maximize your strengths are some of the major keys to success.

Jami helps individuals identify their areas of strength and build them into other areas of their life.seo white label

How It Works

Jami’s innovative approach to coaching takes place in client’s homes. Her geographical availability includes all of West Los Angeles – if you have a question about your specific location, just use the form below and she’ll get back to you ASAP.

Clients have access to a password-protected online calendar that allows direct, confirmed bookings. Payment is also processed electronically, allowing simple client bookkeeping.

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